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– NUMBER_PUNC – makes a number to look like a punctuation mark.
– FORM_FIELD – turns a form field (for example “Customer Name:” or “Price:” into an image.
– CHECKBOX – this icon looks like a checkbox.
– LABEL – turns a label into an image.
– SUBMIT – turns a submit button into an image.
– TABBED – this icon looks like a tabbed frame.
– TEARDROP – this icon looks like a tear drop.
– INSERT – this icon looks like a key (Insert)
– LOCK – this icon looks like a lock.
– STOP – this icon looks like a stop.
– ROTATE_270 – rotates the font 270 degrees clockwise.
– ROTATE_90 – rotates the font 90 degrees clockwise.
– ROTATE_180 – rotates the font 180 degrees.
– HIDDEN – this icon looks like a hidden field.
– EXTRA_DOTTED – makes a dot more visible.
– EXTRA_FILLED – makes a circle more visible.
– COMMA – makes a comma more visible.
– DOT_DASH – makes a dash more visible.
– SPACING_SIX – makes a six look more like a one.
– SPACING_THREE – makes a three look more like a one.
– FONT_SWITCH – changes font at the same time as the text.
– FONT_SWITCH_INSERT – changes font at the same time as the text and the last letter will look like an insert key.
– NUDGE – increases or decreases the space between characters.
– ROW_BREAK – breaks a row.
– ROW_UNBREAK – unbreaks a row.
– ROW_NEXT – moves the next row down.
– ROW_PREV – moves the previous row up.
– ROW_UP – moves the current row up.
– ROW_DOWN – moves the current row down.
– ROW_ZOOM – zoom in or out the current row.
– ROW_ZOOM_INSERT – zoom in or out the current row and the last letter will look like an insert key.
– WINDOW_SHADOW – makes a shadow around the text and 384a16bd22

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1. Follow the guide below to set up the macro keys, that are crucial for this keymap.
2. The “j” key is the ESC button. The “z” key is the mouse wheel button.
3. The “v” key is the shift button.
4. The “c” key is the mouse click button.
5. The “t” key is the cmd-tab button.
6. The “o” key is the cmd-alt-tab button.
7. The “m” key is the win-menu button.
8. The “n” key is the cmd-enter button.
9. The “?” key is the ctrl-pause button.
10. The “d” key is the control key.
11. The “z” key is the ctrl key.
12. The “y” key is the ctrl-enter button.
13. The “h” key is the ctrl-shift button.
14. The “x” key is the ctrl-super button.
15. The “e” key is the control-alt button.
16. The “c” key is the cmd-0 button.
17. The “r” key is the cmd-8 button.
18. The “b” key is the cmd-2 button.
19. The “k” key is the cmd-9 button.
20. The “j” key is the cmd-tab button.
21. The “w” key is the cmd-tab button.
22. The “q” key is the cmd-f11 button.
23. The “p” key is the cmd-f12 button.
24. The “f” key is the cmd-f1 button.
25. The “g” key is the cmd-f2 button.
26. The “v” key is the cmd-f3 button.
27. The “s” key is the cmd-f4 button.
28. The “r” key is the cmd-f5 button.
29. The “t” key is the cmd-f6 button.
30. The “o” key is the cmd-f7 button.
31. The “m” key is the cmd-f8 button.
32. The “n” key is the cmd-f9 button.
33. The “w”

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