Make an Impression

Establish your brand and marketing campaign with the most engaging tool
possible. With the right video player, you get more control over all the marketing
factors responsible for greater returns. In other words, expect to reach a larger
audience and gain more ground. And it doesn’t matter what type of screen you
need to engage potential customers on, Lux Video is the flexible technology you
need to do it. Use this opportunity to test and perfect the message you’ll be sending
through this powerful video platform.

Videos with Quality, Diversity, and Seamless Streaming

You only get a few seconds to grab attention, and with the feature packed Lux
Video player, everything runs perfectly the moment viewers push play. A smooth
streaming experience is critical to keep viewers engaged, not to mention how
important it is for conversion purposes. At the same time, the player will function
perfectly across all devices, making it a valuable asset for your marketing

Management and Control

You are in control. From adjusting the interface of the player and managing
individuals who have access to the account, to getting the videos organized and
ready for publication, you make the choices. Video distribution has never been
easier to scale or manage.

Increase Revenue Potential

Seeing as Lux Video is capable of working with every video advertising standard,
you put yourself in a position to increase revenue potential. Additionally, you
won’t have any problems integrating it with any ad server, or ad network for that
matter. Thanks to this broad spectrum of options you get from a single powerful
source, it will be much easier to get where you need to be.